The Use of Metal Detectors in Schools

One of the interesting things that is being discussed very aggressively is the use of a security metal detector in schools. For many parents, this is a very positive development as it makes sure that all of the students who are entering the school premises can be screened and thus the chances of someone coming to school with a weapon and hurting other students is severely minimized. Especially in the wake of several different tragedies which took place in schools, many parents are pushing for this option in order to make sure that their children are kept safe. At the end of the day, parents send their children to school to learn and keeping them safe is very important.

However, on the flip side, the use of metal detectors in the entry of schools also has a negative effect on the image of the school. When it comes to funding of public schools, many factors go into consideration including their prestige, number of students, number of students who perform well in the exams etc. When you have a school that is classified as too dangerous, then naturally this would affect many parents, as they may not necessarily want to send their wards into that public school.

Many schools use a walk through metal detector at the main entrance of the school in order to screen the students. The biggest problem comes from the fact that usually students carry a lot of metal on their person in terms of garments, equipment, stationary items etc. Thus, in many cases you will get many false positive signals from the equipment. Also, there is also an unintended effect of causing students to be late to class as in many cases students will come at the same time just before class and there can be huge lines at the entry of the school because of this. Naturally, in many cases the security personnel will also have to scan each student one by one especially when the body scanner gives a warning for even a metal buckle. Of course, at the end of the day, many parents and administrators realize that the life of a student is too precious and it is important to make sure that the safety is maintained at all costs. Naturally, with some newer devices these processes may also become faster and less intrusive.